Where Dey At?

It’s extremely difficult to keep track of new and popular artists. It’s even harder to follow a new artist early on in his/her career when he/she is not in your region. While one may be preoccupied with the latest and greatest in their particular setting there maybe another artist they could potentially like who’s just a state away. In recent weeks I’ve found myself growing tired of hearing the same records played over and over again on local stations like Hot97, Power 105.1 and Hot 93.7. Currently I’ve been listening to rappers from Pittsburgh (Wiz Khalifa), New Orleans (Curren$y), Detroit (Big Sean) and am awaiting releases from Atlanta’s B.O.B. and Toronto’s own Drizzy Drake.

While growing up in a particular region may influence a rappers sound there is still an outlet for outside influences. Rapper Wax cites, “NWA, The Pharcyde, Cypress Hill, Red Hot Chili Peppers,” as some of his inspirations and claims, “I probably listened to just as much west coast music as east coast music growing up in Maryland.”

While fellow artists are keen to the work of their peers some fans operate under a more biased prospective. Jordan Brickman, a long time fan of hip-hop  describes his love for local talent. “I have always gravitated more to rappers in the tri-state, because I feel closer to the things that they are speaking about. For example, if I hear my favorite rapper talking about Harlem, I know that Harlem is not far from where I live, so I gravitate closer to that type of music, as opposed to southern music which speaks more about dancing and drinking.” Although he is a huge fan of NY hip-hop he lists J. Cole (Fayetteville, North Carolina) and Drake (Toronto, Canada) as two of his favorite emcees.


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