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Child’s Play: C. Khid Soundslide

Posted in Hip-hop, K-Lo, Uncategorized with tags , , , , , , , , on April 8, 2010 by KLO - Young Tunna

While other rappers are quick to flaunt the fake money, rented cars and video hoes in their videos, C. Khid stresses the importance of reality in his music. “I feel like I’m one of today’s most talented music artist as far as coming up with concepts and keeping my reality tight.”

He stresses that the music one produces must accurately reflect one’s lifestyle. “If you haven’t experinced or lived the lifestyle your writing about people will never latch on completely to that.”

One of his Youtube subscribers jdkidd23, is quick to identify with his refreshing brand of realism. “Ayy i remember when you used to come to my neighborhood. You one of us Meadowood boyz that made it. I like that. Keep it up. Do it for us.”

With lyrical content ranging from emotional and monetary lows to unprecedented highs (his “I Want This World” song on Youtube reached over 200,000 views) C. Khid has no qualms with letting listeners know who he truly is, which at times could be a narcissist or a proud promoter of the truth.